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Lunch Served after 11:00 am



Char-Broiled Burgers

Our Burgers are USDA Choice Ground Beef,

Char-Broiled to You Liking!

Gateway Super burger

Our 1/2 lb. Burger Served on a Toasted Bun  5.99

Beef burger  4.99

Cheeseburger  5,29

Mushroom and Swiss Burger  5.99

Bacon Cheeseburger  5.99

Pizza Burger  5.69

Prime Rib Burger  5.99


All of Our Sandwiches are Priced Plain with a Cup of Our Homemade Soup and Chef’s Garnish

Add Our Golden French Fries For only 1.00

Substitute Fruit or Cottage Cheese for French Fries  add  .50


Philly Steak N’ Cheese

with Grilled Onions and Peppers   7.99

Monte Cristo

Melted Swiss Cheese and Sliced Ham  5.99


Sensational Sandwiches

Made Fresh to Order with the Finest Ingredients!

Farmer’s Stake Sandwich  6.29

French Dip  6.29

Ruben  6.29

B.B.Q. Beef or Pork  5.99

Meatball Bomber  5.99

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato  4.99

Grilled Cheese  4.99

with Bacon or Ham  5.49

Ham and Cheese  5.49

Chicken or Tuna Salad  5.29

Jumbo Hot Dog  4.99

Francheesie  5.49

Fish Sandwich  5.49

Denver Sandwich   4.99



Marvelous Melts

Grilled Golden Brown Perfection!

Tuna Melt  or Turkey Melt  or  Ham Melt

or Beef Melt  or  Patty Melt

Your Choice  5.99


Classic Clubs

Satisfying Triple Decker's!

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Club or

Ham and Cheese Club or Gyros Club

or Turkey Clubhouse Special

Your Choice 6.49


Waist Watchers

Served with Cottage Cheese and Fruit

Broiled Chicken Breast

Spinach Pie

Fresh Tuna or Chicken Salad


Broiled Chopped Steak

Sliced Turkey Breast

Your Choice  7.59


Our Famous Gyro

Delicious Gyro Meat, Right off the Skewer, with Fresh Tomatoes,

Sliced Onions, Grilled Pita Bread & Pepperoncinis, Served with

Our Tasty Tzatzikl Sauce!

Gyros Sandwich  6.79

Gyros Melt  6.49

Gyros Platter With Greek Salad

Served with Soup, Potato not included  9.49



Chicken Sandwiches

Tender and Juicy Chicken Breast, Broiled to Perfection!

Original Chicken Breast

On a Toasted Ben with Fresh Lettuce and Tomato  6.29

Chicken Malibu

Topped with Sliced Ham and Melted Swiss Cheese on a Toasted Bun  6.79

Canadian Chicken

Served with Canadian Bacon and Cheddar Cheese on a Toasted Bun  6.79

B.B.Q. Chicken Breast

Served on a Toasted Bun with Our Zesty BBQ Sauce  6.49

Parmesan Chicken Breast

On a Toasted Bun with Spaghetti Sauce and Melted Mozzarella Cheese  6.49

Grilled Santa Fe Chicken Breast

Strips of Chicken Sautéed with Onions, Green Peppers and Mozzarella

Cheese, Served on a Grilled Pita with Salsa and Sour Cream  6.79


Flaky Croissant &

Pita Selections

Served Hot or Cold, with Our Fresh

Buttery Croissant or Grilled Pita Bread

The American

Our Delicious Burger Topped with American Cheese

The Colorado

Tender Sliced Roast Beef covered with Mozzarella Cheese

The Wisconsin

Tender Sliced Turkey Breast with Swiss & American Cheese

The Virginia

Sliced Virginia Ham, Turkey and American Cheese



The New York

Sliced Corned Beef with Swiss Cheese

The Alaska

Freshly Made Tuna Salad or Chicken Salad

Your Choice  6.49


Tortilla Wraps

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grilled Chicken Strips, Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan

Cheese, Tomato & Onion with Caesar Dressing  6.99

Grecian Wrap

Grilled Chicken, Feta Cheese, Fresh Lettuce

Tomatoes and Onion with Grecian Dressing  6.99

Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap

Crunchy Breaded Chicken strips Lettuce, Cheddar

Cheese, Tomatoes and Our Ranch Dressing  6.99


Hot Sandwiches

Served Open-Faced with Our Homemade

Soup, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Hot Turkey  or  Hot Beef  or

Hot Meat Loaf  or  Hot Veal Cutlet or

Hot Pork Sandwich

Your Choice  6.49


Gateway Salad

Grilled Chicken Breast, Crisp Bacon, Hard Boiled

Eggs, Tomatoes, Black Olives and Cheese  7.99

Taco Salad

Served in a Crisp Taco Shell with Fresh Salad

Greens, Chili, Cheese and Sour Cream  7.49

Seafood Salad

Crabmeat and Shrimp atop Mixed Greens  7.99

Greek Salad

Crisp Greens, Feta Cheese, Greek Olives, Onions

And Anchovies  7.79

Stuffed Tomato and Cantaloupe

Your Choice of Chicken or Tuna Salad on Lettuce

With Cottage Cheese, Hard Boiled Egg and Fruit  7.79

Julienne Salad

Sliced Ham, Turkey, American Cheese,

Swiss Cheese and Sliced Hard Boiled

Egg, Atop Mixed Greens  7.79

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Crisp Lettuce Topped with Grilled

Chicken and Our Caesar Dressing  7.99

Gyros Salad

Fresh Greens, Feta Cheese, Gyros Meat

And Olives with Oil and Vinegar

Dressing 7.99

Classic Caesar Salad  7.29

Fresh Fruit Platter

Seasonal Fruit with Cottage Cheese  7.49


Attention Please:

“The Department of public health advises that  eating raw or under-cooked meat, Poultry, or seafood poses a health risk to everyone. Thorough cooking of such animal foods reduces the risk of illness.”

Your Health is Important to All of Us!