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Gateway’s Appetizers and Sides

All Substitutions Cheerfully Made for an Additional Charge

Our Lunch& Dinner Menu is Available only After 11 am


Enjoy Our Appetizing Starters!


Breaded Onion Rings

Tasty Golden Round Perfection  4.49

Mozzarella Sticks

Served with Rich Meat Sauce   4.99

Chicken Strips

Served with Barbeque Dipping Sauce  5.79

Jalapeno Poppers

Stuffed with Cool Cream Cheese

and Served with Sour Cream  5.79

Mini Tacos (8)

Served with Cheddar Cheese,

Salsa and Sour Cream  6.79

Chicken Wings (6)

Served with BBQ Sauce and Our

Homemade Ranch Dressing   5.99


Gateway’s Combination Plate

Includes Our Onion Rings, Three Mozzarella Sticks,

Two Mini Tacos, Two Chicken Strips

and Two Jalapeno Poppers   6.99




Fresh Hot Coffee   1.19

Fresh Hot Decaf   1.19

Cappuccino 1.69

Hot Chocolate

Topped With Whipped Cream   1.49

Hot Tea

Served with Lemon   11.9



Choice of 2% or Chocolate   1.79

Iced Tea

One Free Refill   1.79


One Free Refill   1.79

Soft Drinks

One Free Refill   1.79


Chilled Fruit Juices

Orange, Apple Grapefruit, Cranberry or Tomato Juice

Small   1.59             Large 1.79


Soup N’ Sides

Homemade Soup

 Cup 1.69  Bowl 1.99

Homemade Chili

  Cup  2.29  Bowl 2.69

Dinner Salad with Dressing  2.99



Cottage Cheese N’ Peaches  3.49

Side Potato  1.99

Feta Cheese  1.49

Slice of Cheese  .50

Cottage Cheese  1.99


For Kids Only

Ages 12 and Under   Served with Complimentary Beverage

No Substitutions


Mickey Mouse Pancakes  3.99

with Bacon or Sausage   4.39

one Egg with Bacon or Sausage  3.99

French Toast (One Slice)  3.99

with Bacon or Sausage  4.39

Chocolate Chip Pancake  (2)  3.99


Kiddie Pizza  3.99

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce   4.39

Hamburger with French Fries  4.39

Hot Dog with French Fries  4.39

Chicken Strips With French Fries  4.39

Grilled Cheese with French Fries  4.39

Mini Tacos (4) With French Fries   4.69